I wonder if I woke up and chose violence or if the thug life chose me this morning.

Lately my sleeps have been wonderful. 10 -12 hours. Lots of energy!

I woke up this morning with Smoky trying to assassinate me because I wasn’t giving him enough affection. He actually took a swipe at me twice when I tried to go back to sleep! Claws out. I was so stunned. “Daisy! Look how your boy is trying to do me!” I gasped. His aggression was unreal. To the point when I went to pick him up he hissed. I was so sad by how badly he was being neglected.

Now I’m relaxing in a bubble bath.

I was in a great mood yesterday.The skies were clear. The sun was out. The roads were like never ending hells of ice. It was just beautiful!

and I wasn’t having nobody mess with me. I was using my Big Boy voice and moving people along. I felt so stress drama free until I saw what position I was for lunch. McCafé on Window? What?

To my surprise I only had to do a couple of coffee orders. I was chilling relaxing

Until I was sent into Cash booth.

I thank the Lord I wear the mask. The range of expressions on my face went from incredulous disbelief, anger to fuck me, I would have been written up if the customer ever saw!

I wanted to jump out window.

Customer: what do you mean you don’t have gravy. Of course you do, that’s how you make poutine.

Almost every customer was stunned by the concept of no poutine.

Gravy shortage

I was giggling at First Lane order taker.

She would greet the customer. Customer wouldn’t answer her. OT would repeat. Silence. OT would say hello. Customer would say hello. This went on for a bit until the OT snapped “are you going to give me your order?”

“Oh I thought you were talking to the other customers!”

I laughed so hard I choked on air, and then a customer pulled up to my window as I was wheezing.

I read back his order. It was quite a big order. The customer finally turned to stareat me. “I can’t hear you.” He complained.

I repeated his order raising my voice.

“Between the plexi glass, the mask and you turning away to look at your till? I can’t hear you. So do you have to look at the till.”

I folded my arms across my chest. Where the hell were these clowns coming from? “I have to read your order back to you.”

“Yes but can’t you look at me?”

“Sir, I was looking at you and asking you if it was your order in loud clear voice the moment you parked your truck!” I snapped “you told me you couldn’t hear me. I don’t have your order memorized so I had to read off the screen. Again my voice was loud and clear. Instead of looking at me while I was reading back your order you were looking at your dashboard!”


After work I had to go get blood work done. What an ordeal.

Today I want to go shopping. I haven’t even started on my Christmas shopping yet.

Have a wonderful weekend!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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