This is how we Canadians do turkey on thanksgiving


Um well I had sausage..

5 thoughts on “I’M THREE FINGERS DEEP

  1. Some years back I posted chickens on a rotisserie and called it a chicken spinner. For the next year that post had the highest number of hits from google searches. I looked up chicken spinner, and according to the Urban Dictionary it’s British slang for men you have sex with dressed chickens. The joke was “What’s he doing hanging around the butcher shop. Don’t you know he’s a chicken spinner!” If you are into fisting or you’re too big for chicken you go for a turkey.

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    1. Highest hits on google search?! That’s pretty awesome!
      I haven’t heard of chicken spinner! 🤣 now I will hear the word rotisserie and I will think of chicken spinner 😂😂
      Oh no, I will probably get hit with spam!
      One of my posts was hit with so many spam, I had to close comments and put a filter on my email!

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