Yesterday was a beautiful morning. I had an early morning start thanks to Daisy.

She had her zoomies, darting on and off the bed, jumping on my face. Finally she let me sleep.

Ha! I was woken by a strange sound. I checked the clock. 4am. Puzzled I got up to investigate.

My cat was in the bathtub, bathing herself! I was so astonished I could barely comprehend what I was seeing! “Daisy,” I finally found my voice “do you want a bath?”

She let a meow. There I was at 4, bathing my cat! Afterward I went back to sleep, she calmed down and fell asleep atop of the kitchen cupboards.

I walked to work, in a wonderful mood. I was greeting my co-workers, joking around Until I saw Second Booth.

All of my cheerfulness drained out of me. My eye began to twitch. Everything was in dissray. A mess. The night staff had totally re-arranged everything, from product to stock. Product wasn’t stocked up but yet there were boxes of it stuffed into my corner.

For months I had been trying so hard not to let the little things bother me. I liked certain things done a certain way, my way was logical efficient. I wasn’t running drive thru anymore. However seeing the McCafe person stand around looking lost in a sea of chaos sent me over the edge! Especially since she could be helping First and Second lane OT!

I snapped! I lost my cool as my OCD reared it’s ugly head the further I got into the mess!

“Are you kidding me!” I finally exploded when I couldn’t find my bottles of hydrogen peroxide sanitizer cleaner. “Night shift isn’t that busy at night yet they can’t be bothered to clean as they go!” I found the cleaners hiding behind the sink. I turned on the McCafe person.

“You’re standing there,” I glared at her “help them” I gestured to the order takers making coffee “and put this stock away! Why do I have to keep telling you how I want my drive thru!”

All three drive thru girls stare at me, bewildered. “But Becky we didn’t mess it up!”

My eye twitched, eyebrow raised. “I don’t care, you come in for your shift you make sure everything is fine and clean so you can work more efficiently and you tell the night shift damn right!”

First lane sighed, “and she is back!”

The girls began to laugh at my neurosis. I smiled. “It’s who I am what I do” I replied.

My day went smoothly. I broke my Golden Rule: Never ask the customer “is that everything? Or “is that it?” More than once during an order. (I only said it once)

I became annoyed by their 8 hour long orders “um ahh I would likeeee gee I don’t know..” I was aging 84 years every order!

Finally I got a bit cranky when a customer was ordering his nuggets “1 10 nugget meal. I would like another 10 nugget meal. Blah blah then another 10 nugget..”

“Excuse me, but are you ordering 3 nugget meals?” I asked coldly.

“Um yes”

“Please order them at all once. 3 nugget meals with coke sprite orange. Thank you”

There was silence. “Oh ok”

Because you know it’s so hard! That is why customers wait so damn long in line!

That was mild in comparison when a customer tried to order his coffee.

“I am sorry are you ordering 3 sugar or a black?” I asked.

“I said a black with 3 sugar”

“So 3 sugar”

“No! Black with 2 sugar and 3 McFlurry!” He yelled at me. Oh no he didn’t!

My anger was rising. “Sugar is sugar. Black means nothing in it! So a coffee with 2 sugar!” I explained.

Then his wife piped up. “I wanted 3 sugar!”

Seriously?! “Ok I had 3 sugar on the screen but he said 2 sugar. Sorry about that. Thank you! Now what kind of McFlurry?”


“What kind” my voice rose.

“I said 3 mc flurry!”

I lost it. “I am not asking how many! I am asking you what flavour! Oh my god! What flavour!” I shouted.

“Oh Oreo! Sorry!”

I threw my headset down and took a deep breath.

Thankfully there wasn’t a manager around to hear that. But wow!

After work, my diverticulitis flared up. I barely made it home. No milk for me I guess.

Daisy greeted me at the door. I scooped her up and hugged her. “Sorry I can’t play with you tonight,” I managed “I am going to bed early. I am in so much pain. You have to be a good girl and be very quiet.”

I guess she sensed something wasn’t right because she was quiet all night. She came to wake me up for my medication this morning and we slept 💕💕

I began this post yesterday but was in so much pain I couldn’t finish it!

Hmm I am starting to write negatively again! I really am trying to be more positive and happy but gosh darn it yesterday was a shit show!🤦‍♀️😂✌️

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine ☀️😀


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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