Today was the testament of my multi-tasking skills!

I failed 😣😂

I was trying to take orders, make mcCafes and refill syrups!

Instead of bringing the drinks to the presenter? I was bringing the bottles of syrup! I was looking around for the syrup!

“Becky! I don’t need this,I needed the drink!”

Oh wow?!

During lunch? I’m in the middle of an order and the girls are asking me “Becky, whose ass is bigger?”

I turned to look at Lane 1 OT and the McCafe person. Both are sticking their ass out to show me. “What?” I was startled.

“Is my ass bigger?” McCafe person asked “it is isn’t?!”

We all stare at each other.

“Oh shut up!” All three of us said at the same time. We burst out laughing.

Later while I was upfront, Annie was teasing me about being messy while I was working on McCafe.

Derp remarked I would have to hide the evidence .

“Of course”

“She would have to buy a plot of land” Derp went on.

Annie asked “Becky how would you get rid of a body”

I smirked. Ah my favourite past time. Discussing plausible methods of getting away with murder.

“Bury it beneath the frost line..” I began.

“No no no” Annie interrupted “you bury the body then you get another body..”

We stared at each other confused about what she was going to say. “that doesn’t sound right” we laughed.

“No you bury the body beneath the frost line and then have another body atop of it to confuse the cadaver dogs” I went on.


“Or you could use lye” Derp spoke up.

“I have lye” Annie nodded. “Or burn the body and grind the bones to dust..”

“Or you could chop up the body and use it as meat. Yum yum stew!” I was becoming excited.

Derp grimaced “Becky this is work place inappropriate!” He gestured to the customers.

I was laughing so hard “time for a bbq! Who wants homemade hamburgers!”

“Becky!” Derp cried.

I cackled evilly. “It’s been so long since anyone came to the Dark side!”

One thought on “COME TO THE DARK SIDE

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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