I dislike shopping. 

Shopping for others is a smidge easier and fun. Only if they give me a hint and they aren’t high maintenance 😂

Yesterday I went shopping for my favourite  pals on my drive thru team. There aren’t a lot of options for boutiques or shops in this town. 🤬

I rarely venture into high end (we have high end?!😂) but I made an exception. The shenanigans began when  I stepped into the shop!

I wanted to laugh at the irony of my situation the moment the cosmetologist’s eyes fell on me. It was almost like this scene from VIP. 

Perhaps I was dressed more “comfortable”  in my winter clothes than the other customers she was helping.  My toque said “Bite me”, my winter coat was hardly designer. And I was with my niece. To her, I looked like a dowdy “mother” barely put together. 

I had a Smash Box palette in hand and I wanted to know the price. (Gift purchase maximum)

The cosmetologist gave me the most haughtiest glance. I was taken aback by her rudeness. Girl was not working at Chanel, so I dont why she thought she was all that and a bag of chips.

Bitch, I would not be in here if I could not afford the price tag, I thought. I could not believe this chick was putting on airs as if she was Kim Kardashian West. 

She gave me the price. I smiled coolly, thanked her. I snorted derisively as I walked off. All that pretentiousness over $45? Give me a break! 

I went on the prowl for perfume next. I love Dior, Chanel, Philosophy. However, I needed a perfume with flowery notes.

“Do you need help?” it was the girl from before.

I smiled brightly. “Yes do you have perfume with flowery notes.”

She made a suggestion. Then maybe with a smirk, she gave me the price. It was above the gift purchase maximum. I shrugged. “Thats fine. thank you” I reached for the perfume. I made a little joke having to redeem my loyalty card.

She glared at me. I smiled and walked over to the register and waited for her to ring in my purchases. I handed her my loyalty card. She glared at the card. Then at me. Oh no. Whatever shall you do?!  “Will you look at that,” I sighed as the loyalty card paid for everything. “I can have whatever I like” I smiled at her glaring face. 

My niece giggled. 

I was chuckling over the girl’s behavior. That got me to thinking. Did we really have any high end stores in town? 

I searched online. I was pleasantly surprised at the locally owned high end boutiques. I never shop there because I am not a size zero  or up to a six. I spat out my drink. I laughed so hard. Apparently Reitmans and Ardene’s is considered High end. Ok Whatever! 





♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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