This wasnt supposed to be happening.

Bex stood at the threshold of her apartment.  the many flickering candle lights cast an amber glow. She closed the door and stepped further into the apartment. The heavenly scent of food wafted to her nose, making her stomach rumble in anticipation.

She scowled, stamping down on her hunger pains.

He had planned everything perfectly. Hoping to bribe her with food.

Anger and despair surged through her.

she was going to tell him, she was moving on. That she was tired of being Second in his life. Second to his wife. Second to his work. Second to his children. She had always been selfless when it came to him. Always understanding. She was always there  on his terms.But now it was her turn.

Her turn to be selfish. Her turn to be needy. Her turn to be first!

Bex marched into her livingroom and came to a stand still.

Mason was pouring himself a glass of wine, and for her he offered an Ice Capp. “Figured you needed this today.” he mused ruefully. “Why dont you have a shower. Dinner will be ready in a hour.”

Bex took the Ice Capp, and walked past him to the bathroom.

Candle light flickered and the sweet smell of roses clung to the air as she undressed. Mason was trying to do himself, she thought. 

Her eyes fell on a luxurious satin night shirt and matching robe he bought for her. Her fingers caressed the fabric. He knew she hated satin. Bex’s scowl faded when she saw the note lying on the robe.

I want to be your favourite place to go when you’ve had a bad day or a good day.

When Bex read the note, she felt her heart constrict in her chest.

If it takes a hundred lifetimes I will wait for you. It will always be you

The words blurred. 

Bex crumpled the note. 

The water was hot, easing the tension in her muscles.

Bex didnt hear the door open, nor heard Mason as he pulled back the shower curtain.

She let out a startled shriek when he stood naked before her. 

“You’re mad at me.” Mason said crisply.

Bex glared at him. “You scared me!” She tried to tell herself the reason her pulse was racing so fast was because he startled her. Not because Mason so deliciously attractive. She loved how broad his shoulders were. The water plastered his hair to his scalp. Rivulets sluiced over his chest, down his abdomen to his groin where his cock rose, thick and long.

“No,” Mason took the soap from her and began to lather his hands. “You were angry when you saw me.” he began to soap her shoulders. Kneading the muscles. 

Bex sighed in pleasure. Her anger faded as Mason’s fingers danced over her back, rubbing down every knot and tensed spot. She wanted Mason to stop talking, she wanted his hands on her.

Mason’s hands were heaven. Sliding up he cupped her breasts. “Tell me what got you upset” he rasped over her ear.

Bex gasped when he pinched her nipples. Pain exploded along her nerve endings melding with pleasure. Her eyes shot open as he pinched her again. 

“Dont you like this, Bex?” he purred. “I know you like inflicting pain. But dont you like it when I do this?” he nipped her ear. Scoring it with his teeth, he took her earlobe in his mouth and sucked as he twisted one nipple. Hard.

Bex arched. He chuckled. “Maybe we should play like this more often.” he rasped. “You enjoy this.” he gave her nipple one more twist then slid his hand down.

He let out a satisfied groan. “I love it when you get so wet you soak my fingers.” his words made Bex wetter. “Lets get out of here so we can enjoy ourselves more comfortably.” the electric blue of eyes seared hers. “I am not a young man anymore.”

He turned off the water, handed Bex a towel. He helped her out. “Get on the bed.” he directed her.

Bex was hesitant. She should shut this down now, but the hot look he was giving her brook no argument. She waited for him in her bedroom.

Her heart was pounding. With anticipation and with dread. She shouldnt have let him get this far. She should have told him to leave, but the note his hands, his caresses…

“He is manipulating you again..”an inner voice warned.

“Spread your legs,” Mason’s voice broke into her reverie. Startled she did as she was told. Mason groaned. “fuck, baby! Even from here I can see you are dripping!” he breathed.

He approached the bed, kneeling on it then crawling til he was between her legs. “Stop your overthinking,” he jerked her legs up over his shoulders. “and focus on me. On what I am about to do to you!”

Bex’s mouth grew dry as Mason’s head lowered. The first swipe of his tongue made her eyes close in bliss. Mason took his time, licking and sucking her clit. 

“That’s it baby! drip your cream all over me!” Mason mumbled, as he began flicking he tongue more rapidly.

“Oh my god,” was all Bex could say, as waves of pleasure washed over her. She felt the pressure building, her entire body growing tense. “Mason you’re gonna make me cum like that…”

Mason  was playing her, becoming her master. Craving her moans for more, Mason slid a finger deep inside her clenching hole, than another. 

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” As Bex felt the orgasm approaching, she lifted her head, making eye contact with Mason staring up at her.

“Yeah there, right there, don’t stop…” Bex’s head fell back on the bed. She  gripped the edge of the mattress, bracing herself. Mason’s fingers were jacking in and out faster harder. Sending Bex crashing over the edge.

Bex didnt feel Mason moving between her legs, she felt the bed shift, then he was above her. The head of his cock stroked along her slit, rubbing her clit. Bex groaned as the first thrust shoved deep.

Another orgasm rocked her. Toes curling, her muscles clenching and unclenching Bex let Mason rock her world.

Mason’s hips rose and fell, the force of his thrusts battering her. Sweat gleamed over his skin. The muscles of his neck taut. “Fuck,” he breathed as he glanced down, “You soaked me”

Bex squeezed his cock, milking him made him groan, Bex gasped as another climax rippled through her, a shorter one that left her breathless. Mason’s cock pulsated as Bex felt him unload his cum deep inside her.

He kissed her.

It was sometime before he withdrew from her. He returned to the bed with a warm moist cloth to clean them both.

When he was finished, he pulled her up into his arms. Draping the blankets around them both.

“Alright, lets talk about what you were so upset with” Mason murmured.

Bex stiffened.

“I am leaving.” she whispered.

Mason rested his chin on her head. “Are you?” he sounded calm. Too calm.

“I have been alone, by myself all this time,” she couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eyes. not when tears were threatening to fall. “I’m not waiting for you, waiting for anyone any longer. I’m better by myself”

A smile curved his lips. Her false bravado did something to his heart. He began to stroke the damp strands of her hair. “But what if I am not?” He asked quietly.

She snorted in derision. “You’re not alone. You have women fawning over you. You have had relationships! I can count on one hand my relationships I have had. Men I like don’t like me. Even the men I don’t like, don’t like me.”

Laughter rumbled from deep in his chest. “Is that what we are doing now? Comparing relationships?” he laughed harder. 

Bex was silent. Mason kissed the top of her head. “What brought this on?” he asked softly.

“You told me your marriage was platonic. That your wife…”Bex struggled to speak. “How can it be platonic when you are fucking her and she is having your babies? I am tired of being second. Being second to everything! I deserve more!”

Mason scooted down in the bed so he could be eye to eye to her. “You deserve everything.” he whispered. “I never thought how much this would hurt you.” he smoothed a tear from her cheek. “I guess I always took it for granted you would be here. Took you for granted.” he smiled. 

Bex sniffed. “I am leaving.” she repeated.

Mason sighed. “What if I told you that you would never be second again?” he offered. “It was the reason I came here tonight. My wife wants a separation.”

Bex’s eyes widened. “What?”

“According to her, she is tired of being second” he chuckled. “You were always first. Always”

Bex’s heart was hammering now, she shouldnt be so hopeful.

“Fate destiny whatever you want to call it, wants us to be together. I want us to be together. No I need to be with you. I love you. I always will” Mason kissed her. 

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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