Today I was assigned to a position out of my comfort zone- one I usually sucked at!

I don’t know why but ok!

Here we go!

I was assigned to McCafe on window. Window is usually busy but thankfully it wasn’t. I was killing it! I was ahead of the game! No one was waiting on drinks, I wasn’t going down on coffee or making a huge coffee mess.

I was getting annoyed with Window because they were talking too much and serving the orders so I could make the coffee. “You need to stop talking and serve customers!” I snapped.

I was then assigned to First booth. Not even five minutes into that position I had to get mad at a customer. I repeated an order four times but he couldn’t get it thru his head what his order was. He kept repeating what I said.

“Oh my god! Let’s go!” I shouted “you are taking too long! This is your order! Pay it and go!”

“Well you should clarify it!”

Buddy do I have to draw you a picture?!

Most of the orders I had to remind the customers to read screen before they left the speaker.

I was so polite it was nauseating! The best thing about masks is that customers cant see the bemusement on my face when I have to explain what a meal is. Oh boy, was I having to dumb it down for every customer!

They were so used to having every item on their order read back to them.

What we’re not going to do is ask me do to that.

By the time I went on my half hour, I was so annoyed the order takers I finally had to remove my headset!

A customer tried to tell me how the monopoly coupon worked. “But I should know” she snapped.

“So do you want your coupon or not?” I was tired of this bitch. “Pick a sandwich or you can pay for your 6 piece!”

“But it’s for 6piece!”

“Ok so you want to pay” I hand back her sticker. She was so astounded.

“No wait I will have a chicken!” She cried handing back the sticker.

“Alright then. ”

I went on the headset “the next person who redeems a monopoly sticker? Clarify its sandwichs only not nuggets!”

My day went well after.

I collapsed at home. Played with Daisy while doing laundry.

The neighbor’s baby came to play with Daisy. Daisy was being shy she wasn’t used to other people. But she was well behaved enough. My neighbor laughed when I told her how much my cat loved her baby.

“She is always on our balcony” she replied. “It is ok she visits”

I was so pleased by how well my day went!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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