It was another glorious day!

I woke up full of energy although I think my brain was still low on fumes no matter how much caffeine I drank!

Someone sabotaged my Iced Coffee. “Who made it runny?” I exclaimed. I blinked. Runny? Did I really say that?! I should have said Watery!

I couldn’t comprehend basic things!

Was this the real life?!

I was even nice! 😮🤮

Who was I? was I one of my Doppelgängers

Customers were getting upset with me because I wouldn’t take their The Rewards Points. “Please give them to the cash person”

“So you don’t want my number?!”

No, Marlene I don’t! my brain can’t comprehend anything and no one knows how to give out numbers! it’s not 1-8-7-6. It’s 1876! Like the year!

“I will have ghost pepper sauce on my chicken muffin”

“No there is only habanero” I replied.

“The ghost pepper sauce that’s on the mcChicken!”


Another customer ordered.

“I will have a Szechuan jr chicken”

“No” I replied “you may have the habanero”

“What?! I said a Szechuan. Like the Szechuan mcChicken!”

“If you want Szechuan you can have the mcChicken!” I sighed.

“I want to talk to your manager!”

“Why? He told me to tell you no”


I discovered who sabotaged my iced coffee! Front counter McCafé person carried over a bucket of iced coffee to fill up the carafe.

May looks inside and sighed. “She put only ice in. Two scoops”

I didn’t comprehend what May said, then it clicked. That’s why my iced coffee was so gross!

“No, tell her to dump it out!” My reaction was so slow, front counter was already beginning to fill up the bucket with pots of coffee.

“Becky calm down.” Steve ordered.

“No she put too much ice in the bucket. Don’t make the iced coffee!” I tried to get past Derp, three people. All the while the song Hero by Nickelback was on my mind

And they say that a hero can save us
I’m not gonna stand here and wait

“For gods sakes it’s just iced coffee she knows how to make it!” Steve shouted “get back in your corner and stop being such a tattletale!”

It was as if a switch was flipped. I turned and glared at Steve. “It’s called correcting procedure” I shot back. “She doesn’t know how to make it because my iced coffee was watery as fuck!”

We stared at each other for moment “really, Becky? I know where you live!” He finally said.

“Really Steve? Don’t make me come over there and wreck your day!”

“Don’t make me come over to your house and honk the horn at midnight!”

I blinked horrified by the thought of being woken out of blissful sleep. “No don’t do that!”

Everyone started laughing. “Why not!”

“Because I will be kicked out!”

Ah it was a good day.

One thought on “RUNNING LOW ON FUMES

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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